The Data Portal is developed by scientists for scientists in order to facilitate FAIR research data management to publish, visualize, browse and access research data from interdisciplinary research collaborations as well as individual research initiatives.

The Data Portal with its thematic data views and underlying collaborative data workflows is constantly evolving and jointly supported by


Within our earth system, seas, oceans and the Polar Regions play a central role in global climate processes. They are among the most important eco-systems and influence the lives of millions of people. There is a great need for knowledge on how to protect the oceans and make their use by humans more sustainable.

In 2019, the German marine research community, together with the federal government and the northern German states of Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, founded the German Marine Research Alliance (Deutsche Allianz Meeresforschung, DAM) and is jointly supported by the Helmholtz Association’s “Earth and Environment” research programme.


We aim to strengthen the sustainable use of our Earth system, especially the coasts, seas, oceans and Polar Regions through research, data management and digitalisation, infrastructure and transfer. To this end, we are working together with our member institutions to develop solution-oriented knowledge.

Since the Data Portal is developed by scientists for scientists, we integrate research data from various interdisciplinary research collaborations as well as single research initiatives. Besides integrating individual research data sets into the portal, we foster the aggregation and visualisation of curated data products where possible as well as standardised web-based data services for re-use. We support machine-readable data driven science and the development of cloud computing in science. In that context, please be aware of varying data quality aspects due to originally different purpose of data acquisition (Terms of Use).


Your feedback is very much appreciated. Please provide your comments and suggestions for how we could improve our data services and the Data Portal.


We link leading German marine research institutions in order to contribute to a sustainable use of the oceans and seas.
The following university and non-university marine research institutions are currently involved: